Nylon Ballvalves are an innovative product that answers the particular needs of field irrigation. The Nylon Ballvalves combined the advantage of the metal valves with those of the common plastic valves. What's more, it is an effective replacement for the brass ball valves that are subject to theft.

Union structure - The body of the nylon ballvalve is moulded in glass reinforced nylon composites with high impact and tensile strength resulting in a light weight unit, free from corrosion. The valve body is a one piece unit, therefore there is no risk of leakage.

Max working pressure: 20 Bar / 290 PSI / 2MPA

Working temperature: 0-120ºC

Good mechanical strength and ageing resistance - The mechanical strength is several times that of PVC,PP-R material. The special material guarantees an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and environmental salts, good performance is thermal fluctuations and resistance to ultra-violet rays. Stripping of threads is a common problem with plastic products, but the nylon ballvalve has withstood the toughest tests.

Green product - The nylon (polyamide) is formed from the condensation polymerization of amino acid. It is extracted from castor bean oil, which is a similar to vegetable oil.

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